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Lawrence W. Reed

Lawrence W. Reed became president of FEE in 2008. He was a founder and president for twenty years of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan. A champion for liberty, Reed has authored over 1,000 newspaper columns and articles, dozens of articles in magazines and journals in the U. S. and abroad, as well as five books. Lawrence W. Reed holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Grove City College (1975) and an M.A. degree in History from Slippery Rock State University (1978), both in Pennsylvania. He holds two honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University (Public Administration—1993) and Northwood University (Laws—2008). He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, chairman of the board of the Prometheus Institute, a member of the board of Just Facts, an advisor to numerous organizations around the world, and a weekly columnist for The Newnan Times-Herald, the local paper in Newnan, Georgia where he resides. His spare-time interests include reading, travel, fly-fishing, hiking, skydiving, and animals of just about any kind.


  • My Favorite President: Grover Cleveland
  • Witch-hunting for Robber Barons: The Standard Oil Story
  • The Promise of Privatization
  • Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy
  • Great Myths of the Great Depression
  • Learning the Lessons of Ancient Rome
  • Adam Smith and the Birth of Economics
  • Free Trade vs. Protectionism
  • A Student’s Essay That Changed the World: Thomas Clarkson and the British Anti-Slavery Movement
  • The Origin, Nature and History of Money
  • The Silver Panic of 1893
  • The Difference One Can Make: Unsung Heroes of History
  • Liberty and Character
  • Presidents and Poverty: Wisdom from 19th Century American Chief Executives

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