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David Thayer is an Executive Advisor at the Blackstone Group, having served
until 2022 as Partner. Prior to this, David had co-founded Harvest, a family of funds
investing in energy infrastructure, which was purchased by Blackstone in 2017. He is
now an independent investor.

Before joining Harvest, David had served in a variety of roles in both the financial
services and management consulting industries. For twenty years he had also served
as a tanker, scout, and infantryman in the U.S. Army, on Active Duty and as a
Reservist, most recently commanding an armored cavalry unit based in Philadelphia. A
former Board Chairman of the Moving Picture Institute, Trustee of the John Boyer
Memorial Fund Scholarship, and Senior Warden at St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church, he
currently serves on the advisory boards of Students For Liberty, the Atlas Network, and a
a handful of hedge funds.

David is a graduate of the Wharton School, the London School of Economics,
and the University of Chicago and enjoys spending free time with friends and family
(including two semi-sane Portuguese Water Dogs), preserving an old house, and
indulging his interests in faith, freedom, bitcoin, history, current events, and live music.

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