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Luis F. Montealegre

Luis F. Montealegre

Development Associate

Bio: Luis was born in Miami, Florida to Nicaraguan immigrants escaping a communist regime. He studied at St. Mary’s University where he double majored in Finance and Insurance. He then worked in Finance underwriting bonds for construction companies throughout Texas. However, he found himself longing for work that was more meaningful and impactful. So he quit and committed to finding the best way he could promote liberty minded ideas. Today, Luis helps Student for Liberty’s development team reach their fundraising goals. Luis lives in Texas where he has resided for over ten years. He is an avid fan of all comedy formats and an improvisational comedy performer.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Hernando de Soto Polar

On Students For Liberty: “Students for Liberty is impressive in both it’s international scope and breakneck growth. I feel both grateful and fortunate for the opportunity to start anew at SFL and, hopefully, leave a legacy I can be proud of.”