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Thiloka Yapa

Thiloka Yapa

Regional Coordinator, Sri Lanka

Bio: A third year undergraduate in Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with a developed interest in economics. She joined SFL as a Local Coordinator to the first ever batch of SFLers in Sri Lanka and is currently leading the Sri Lankan team. She is interested in volunteering and is a part of several youth organizations.

She considers liberty as a mechanism that empowers individuals to reach and maximize their potential as long as it does not cause any harm to another.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Adam Smith

On liberty and SFL: SFL to Thiloka is a platform that allows individuals to meet like-minded people that advocate for a better future. SFL has provided her with the chance to understand her true potential while also enabling her to support the growth of others as individuals. She believes it to be a place that allows her to give back and add value to the society that she lives in.

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