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Tanmay Mehra

Tanmay Mehra

Regional Coordinator, North India

Bio: Tanmay is an engineering graduate, university-level debater, public speaker, and occasional Call of Duty gamer. He believes that liberty lies at the heart of the human experience. He holds a deep interest in technology, politics, and economics and is often found pondering if we are really living in a simulation. Libertarianism has been an innate value he grew up with and aims to reconcile people with the inherent liberal within them through his ventures with SFL.

He is a basketball enthusiast, a Tarantino connoisseur, and a Kanye West fanatic. Always ready for a conversation, in exchange for a cup of chai you can talk to him about anything and everything from open borders to quantum physics to why “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is Kanye’s best song.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: FA Hayek, Jeffery Tucker, Ayn Rand

On liberty and SFL: “Tanmay credits SFL with reassuring him that he isn’t crazy to think about advocating for free trade and less state control. He feels that SFL has given him a community of like-minded people and an arena where he can grow, lead, and give back to society.”