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María Amaré

María Amaré

María Amaré is a young Venezuelan law student at the University of Carabobo, committed to promoting the ideas of freedom and human rights activism. She is Secretary of Inter-institutional Relations of the National Federation of Law Students of Venezuela, Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator, and Junior Intern in the Legal and Financial Advisory Group Lex Solutions. She has a diploma in Government, Leadership and Liberties in Latin América, awarded by Estudiantes por la Libertad and the Kybernus Association and endorsed by the School of Government of the Organization of the American States and a diploma in Non-Violence and Culture of Peace, awarded by the European Union and endorsed by the Monteávila’s University. She is certified in different topics such as Human Rights, International Protection Mechanisms, International Humanitarian Law, Anti-Corruption, Development and Innovation. She is also Project Coordinator of the NGO Valoro and a volunteer in different NGOs that documents human rights violations. Her major intellectual influences are Plato, Eleanor Roosevelt, Friedrich Hayek, John Locke and Montesquieu.

Institution: University of Carabobo, Venezuela

Interests: Law and Economics, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law