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Dyuti Pandya

Dyuti Pandya

Academics Programs Coordinator

Bio: Dyuti is a final year law student studying in Mumbai. She got connected with SFL through programmes being organised in Mumbai and therein she joined the SFL local coordinator programme after being keenly interested in the ideas of liberty. She is a libertarian who has her foundations laid down in the study of political science and law. She is keenly interested in establishing a system of education that maximises academic freedom for gaining knowledge. This is to say, providing education that would adhere to the latest technology in building a better community. Using methods that would shape up individuals as a whole and not focus on the ones privileged to obtain. Policies that would majorly change the dynamics on how education should be technologized is something that needs to be put forth.

She also advocates for introducing stringent laws for animal welfare. Besides this, she is interested in art, movies and philosophy.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Rose Wilder Lane, Étienne

On liberty and SFL: “SFL has made me realise that liberty is not something that has come from the governments, as Woodrow Wilson said, it has come from the subjects of the government. It has made me further realise the importance of economic freedom and how that is a pathway towards political freedom. And learning about all this in-depth has furthermore added to my growth overall. ”