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Bhumika Singh

Bhumika Singh

Bhumika Singh is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in English from Kirorimal College at the University of Delhi. She is passionate about art and literature and their role in creating a better, freer world. Her areas of interest include postcolonial studies, feminist studies, film studies, literary theory, and political theory. Something that binds together all of her interests is a curiosity to learn how individuals’ psyche and actions are influenced by the society they inhabit. Being a literature student, fiction has always been her primary source of ideas; dystopias are her favorite. Some of her intellectual influences are Hannah Arendt, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Michel Foucault, George Orwell, and Margaret Atwood.

Bhumika’s goal is to contribute to the development of a world where individuals are not marred by oppression or ignorance and have the freedom to make informed choices for themselves.

Institution: University of Delhi, India

Interests: Postcolonial and Feminist studies, Literary and political theory, Film studies