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Ahana Bag

Ahana Bag

Ahana Bag is a penultimate year BA. LLB. (Honours) student at the Department of Law, University of Calcutta. She has a strong passion for Environmental Law, Criminology, and Human Rights and occasionally enjoys dipping her toes into topics of political philosophy, evolution, geopolitics, and history. The books and figures that have intellectually inspired her are tied in an awkward pattern. Albert Camus’ ‘The Plague’, George Orwell’s ‘1984’, and ‘Animal Farm’, and most certainly Niccolò Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’.

Even though she always stands by this when she says that fiction, history, and mythology have always swayed her far more than any treatise ever could. It is safe to conclude that when it comes to influences, she is an ardent believer in the power of mythos over logos.

Institution: University of Calcutta, India

Interests: Environmental Law, Criminology, Human Rights