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Pericles Andreas Niarchos: My SFL Experience Part Two

Pericles Andreas Niarchos

We interviewed Pericles to tell us about his experience working with Students For Liberty. This is part two of the interview. To visit part one, please click here. 

1. What was your biggest accomplishment as a student leader with Students For Liberty?

My greatest accomplishments as a student leader at Students For Liberty consisted of:

  • Building up the mid-Atlantic region
  • The SFL Charity Poker Tournament
  • Being a voice for how we evaluated and selected student leaders, and helping the organization develop an international presence

Pericles at the SFL Charity Poker Tournament


2. What are some of the best tools and resources Students For Liberty gave you?

SFL’s fundraising and networking skills have proven to be invaluable throughout my career. Deep familiarity with the ideas of liberty and the leadership cultivation to use them professionally were also significant.

3. What have you been able to achieve with the training, support, and networking opportunities provided to you from Students For Liberty?

It was through Students For Liberty that I first was introduced to many of the people and organizations I would one day work with. 

My first exposure to the Koch Internship and Associate program arguably further developed my skills and paved the way for my career in the pro-liberty movement.

I still keep in touch with many of my fellow SFLers, some of whom currently work with me or in other partner organizations.

4. What about working with Students For Liberty surprised you the most?

What surprised me the most was the amount of leadership, autonomy, and responsibility I was afforded as an SFL leader. 

In fact, I think that both partner organizations and Students For Liberty should promote methods to prepare potential employers to better utilize the skills of SFL leaders.

5. With so many great organizations to support, why should others choose to support Students For Liberty? What makes SFL stand out from other student organizations?

Students For Liberty is one of the few student organizations that focuses on political philosophy and student leadership cultivation. It has an international presence which has an incredible impact on students around the world, who are often faced with unimaginable abuses of power. It is the preeminent organization for identifying and empowering the future leaders for liberty.

Pericles Niarchos with Sloane Frost, Chairwoman of SFL’s Board of Directors


6. What would you tell someone who’s considering getting involved?

I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about getting involved to really just go for it. Reach out to a local leader and learn about opportunities to make a difference.

Connect with organizations that Students For Liberty works with and think about whether or not a career advancing the ideas of liberty seems rewarding to you.

Don’t forget about your other interests and passions though. Ultimately, advancing freedom is a rewarding endeavor but there are a lot of other rewarding aspects to living a fulfilling life, too.


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