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Students For Liberty alumni attend historic 75th anniversary of the Mont Pelerin Society


Students For Liberty alumni and members of European Students For Liberty attended the 75th anniversary general meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Oslo, Norway, from October 4-8, 2022. The four-day event was a celebration of ideas and shared values with a focus on the theme, “Liberal Institutions and the International Order – Renewing the Infrastructure of Liberty.”

In the spirit of celebrating ideas and shared values, speakers at the event explored the continuous “creation of an international order conducive to the safeguarding of peace and liberty and permitting the establishment of harmonious international economic relations.”

The Mont Pelerin Society does outstanding work in advancing free-market principles and has been at the forefront of the movement against big government. Many Students For Liberty alumni, including Dr. Wolf von Laer, the organization’s chief executive officer, are members of the society. They are working to create strategies for restoring the rule of law, limiting predatory power, combating historical revisionism, and creating a world order based on freedom and peace.

SFL alumni, Jan Mosovsky, Dr. Vera Kichanova, Filip Blaha, and Bill Wirtz who attended the anniversary meeting are all spearheading the struggle for freedom in academia, government, and business. 

The Mont Pelerin Society was formed by a group of scholars devoted to discussing and advancing the ideas of a free society 75 years ago, with Students For Liberty formed 15 years ago by students determined to advance freedom all around the world. The formation of the Mont Pelerin Society by economist Friedrich Hayek and a number of other intellectuals after World War II was a critical initial step in protecting the liberal system, and so is the continued collaboration between liberal organizations today. 

The Mont Pelerin society is a big inspiration to Students For Liberty and it is wonderful to see Students For Liberty alumni as well as current students and friends of liberty collaborating to advance freedom everywhere.

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