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Nitsa Ioannides

Nitsa Ioannides

Donor Relations Officer

Bio: Nitsa Ioannides is a born and raised Southern Californian, who is currently working as SFL’s Donor Relations Coordinator. She moved to the east coast to pursue her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Pre-Law. While she was in school she worked on political campaigns and got her start in grassroots movements. Since she has moved back to California she has been dedicated to expanding education about the importance of smaller government and a freer future for all. This commitment and strong passion for helping and empowering others has lead her to find SFL. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, eating ice cream, playing tennis, running, and going to the shooting range.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell

On Students For Liberty: “Working for Students for Liberty is an honor unlike any other. The combination of both sincerity within the organization and empowering others, is unmatched. It is a genuine organization that is and will continue to make huge strides in societal changes. SFL enables students to learn and be more confident that there is a freer future and that people can make a difference not only nation-wide, but world-wide.”