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Nathaniel Baker

Nathaniel Baker

Director of North American Programs

Bio: Nate was born and raised in central Mississippi. He took interest in free markets and philosophy while studying economics at Mississippi State University where he founded the Bulldogs for Liberty. In 2015, Nate joined the Campus Coordinator program and interned at the Institute for Humane Studies during the same year. During his volunteer years with SFL, Nate organized numerous conferences and events and helped grow the SFL network in the deep south. Before joining SFL’s staff, he worked for a cloud computing company in Raleigh North Carolina. Nate currently serves as the Director of North American Programs and lives in Mississippi with his wife and son.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Thomas Sowell, John Allison

On SFL: “No organization has facilitated my intellectual and professional development like SFL has. There is no question that the student landscape across the globe would be profoundly different without the work we do. Thousands of students have been educated and trained through SFL and our student volunteers move our world towards a freer future every day.”