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Mike Avi

Mike Avi

North American Recruiting Manager

Bio: Mike Avi is the Students For Liberty North American Recruiting Manager. He joined the North American Campus Coordinator program in 2015, became the Southeast Regional Director in 2017, and now a member of staff through the Koch Associates Program. He likes reading science fiction novels and listening to political podcasts. His favorite snack is guacamole.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Henry Hazlitt, Jeremy Bentham, Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty: “I was a Libertarian before I heard of SFL and joined the group on my college campus; they took me to a regional conference and then to the ISFLC – both in my freshman year. I think the unyielding positivity that the leaders maintained were inspiring and attracted me to be a part of it. The culture that SFL cultivates among its leaders makes me proud to be a part of of what we do.”