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Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy

Foundations Relations Officer

Bio: Michael first became involved with Students for Liberty in 2010, when he co-founded one of the first Canadian chapters. It was a result of his attendance at the 2010 International Conference that Michael discovered the wider liberty movement and decided to pursue a career advancing freedom. Prior to joining Students for Liberty in 2020 Michael managed communications and development programs for a Canadian public interest law firm. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and is a proud graduate of the Koch Associate Program, which he considers infinitely more useful than traditional post-secondary.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Mises, de Tocqueville, J.S. Mill and the underrated John Milton.

On Students For Liberty: “Without the resources and networks Students for Liberty provided me with as a student, I likely would not have ended up pursuing a career advancing freedom. I’m thrilled therefore to apply my skills to growing SFL over the coming years!”