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Milica Kostic

Milica Kostic

Global Events Director

Bio: Milica graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, International Relations at the University of Belgrade in 2013. Since 2009, Milica has been a member of Libertarian club Libek, a Serbian think-tank, where she worked as a Communications and Events Manager. She is currently completing her master’s degree at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade on a course in Political Theory, Political Sociology and Institutions. She got involved with ESFL as a local coordinator in 2013 after she took part in the organization of the first Regional Conference in Belgrade. After that, she joined the executive board where she served as a Regional Director of the Black Sea Region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Turkey and Romania).

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Lysander Spooner, David Friedman

On Students For Liberty: “Since my first encounter with SFL I saw that this organization is different than any other I’ve seen before. SFL creates a network of not only freedom-loving individuals, but also a network of friends around the globe trying to make this world a freer place. I feel privileged to work for a great cause with some of the best people one can hope to meet.”