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Irune Ariño

Irune Ariño

European Events Associate

Bio: Irune Ariño is a Political Science undergraduate at Pompeu Fabra University and she is studying her master’s degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on a course in Democracy and Governance. In 2014 she go involved with ESFL as one of the founders of a local group in Catalonia and then as Local Coordinator. She is the former Regional Director for SFL Iberia and current Deputy Director at a Spanish think tank named Instituto Juan de Mariana. She also is an occasional collaborator in some Spanish digital media as Libertad Digital or El Español.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: John Stuart Mill, Elinor Ostrom and Jason Brennan.

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Libery catches you from the very beginning. Once you join this amazing family, you can’t simply leave”