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Eric Lumpkins

Eric Lumpkins

North American Programs Manager

Bio: Eric grew up in Southeast Florida. He had always been anti-authoritarian and found a natural home in the liberty movement. He studied economics at Florida Gulf Coast University where he joined Eagles For Liberty and in 2016 became an SFL Campus Coordinator. While in university, Eric interned at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and worked as an opinion writer until 2018 when he joined SFL staff as the Midwest Outreach Associate. He currently serves as the North American Programs Manager. Eric enjoys stand-up comedy and monetary economics.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Friedrich A. Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises, Carl Menger

On Students For Liberty: “Joining Students For Liberty has been one of the best and most valuable decisions I’ve ever made. My personal and professional development has been immensely accelerated thanks to the training, experiences, and networking I’ve gone through as a part of SFL. Students For Liberty is the global leader in empowering young people to educate their communities, to liberalize their societies, and to be the change they wish to see in the world; and I’m so proud to be a part of that.”