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Alice Bessette

Alice Bessette

Bio: Alice is a senior in college completing a degree in Anthropology. She’s loved liberty and the theories from a young age and SFL gives her the tools to share that love with others. She believes that while there is only one truth, everyone has different interpretations and the best way to find the truth is to learn from others’ experiences and stories. Her goal is to promote understanding of each other to make the world a little bit easier to live in. Alice enjoys reading fiction novels and examining bones and other remains from past civilizations in the bone lab at her university.

Favorite Libertarian Figures: Frederic Bastiat and Rose Wilder Lane

On Liberty and SFL: Individualism is vital to humanity. SFL functions from the bottom up: the local coordinators are really the leaders of the group and are advised for regional coordinators and staff members, not directed. SFL also provides a means for students to connect with other liberty minded individuals all over the world, allowing for people from all different places to learn from one another and their experiences.