Local Coordinator Program

Vitor Graçano

Bio: Vitor is 22 years old, studying Law, was an intern at Students For Liberty Brasil. A member of the liberal movement since 2021, an activist for freedom and especially for the right to property where, through the incentive of Students For Liberty Brasil, she coordinates one of the largest Land Regularization projects in the region and takes property titles to people for free.

Favorite figures in Liberty: Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Thomas Sowell

On Students For Liberty: “The SFL has a fundamental role in my life, it is through the institution that I discovered how I can take the fundamentals and ideas of freedom to different people and especially what my role is in building a freer world, seeing work and dedication of each one motivates me to defend what I believe every day, for me SFLB is the school of freedom”

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