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Max Payne

Bio: Max is a relative newcomer to Liberty – having grown up in Australia and accepted the socialist dogma of his family and educators, Max set out to live
and work in what he thought was a ‘free society’. Over the next 8 years however he found that liberties were being increasingly infringed upon by government, and even worse – they were often being freely handed over!

The acceleration of this process amidst the Covid Pandemic in Australia was the tipping point for Max to join the Liberty movement in 2020, and he began by running for both Federal and State politics on a Libertarian ticket. Max is now working to ensure that students who embrace liberty have a positive framework from which to promote Libertarian ideas in a nation that desperately needs to embrace them.

Favorite figures in Liberty: Murray N. Rothbard, Thomas Sowell, David Limbrick MLC

On Students For Liberty: “After navigating party politics, it is a breath of fresh air to come to an organization that diligently works to prepare the next generation to fly the flag of liberty in a world that increasingly seeks to centralize and consolidate power and influence.”

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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