Local Coordinator Program

Martin Hooss

Bio: Martin Hooss is a German Objectivist scholar currently based in Prague. Martin holds a master’s degree in English Literature and Classical Philology from Trier University, Trier, and a master’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from CEVRO Institute, Prague. In addition to promoting the New Frontiers of Objectivism campaign as Students For Liberty’s Educational Content Associate, Martin presently works on his PhD thesis which investigates the relationship between the Promethean myth and Ayn Rand’s fiction. Besides Objectivism and the adaptation of ancient myths in Anglophone literature, Martin’s research interests include (utopian and) dystopian fiction, studies of transition, and microeconomics.

Favourite figures of liberty: Ayn Rand, Aristotle, Claude Frédéric Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt

On Students For Liberty: “I am delighted that Students For Liberty has provided me with the opportunity to work with active-minded students who are passionate about ideas. It is a pleasure to introduce the future leaders of liberty to the philosophy of Objectivism and to help them understand and make the philosophical and moral case for capitalism.”

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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