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Julia Sondermann

Bio: Julia Sondermann is a cinematographer, editor and scriptwriter based in São Paulo, Brazil. Born in Porto Alegre, studied cinema at the University of Sinos Valley in São Leopoldo. Sondermann`s work as a cinematographer entered international and national festivals such as Rotterdam Film Festival, in Amsterdam, and Maryland Film Festival, in USA. Her portfolio was chosen to be a part of the Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine (Madrid) Shortlist in 2016. As a scriptwriter she has participated in script laboratories and international coproduction meetings in Bolivia and in Brazil. As a videomaker, she worked for several companies in Brazil such as Tastemade Brazil. Sondermann’s work also extends o movie distribution in movie theaters and digital platforms.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ludwig von Mises

On Students For Liberty: “SFL has an essential job of spreading the ideas of freedom. It is an honor to be part of the team.”

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