Juliette Barnes

Bio: Juliette Barnes is a libertarian who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She’s long had a strong interest in issues of justice, liberty, and activism having worked with organisations like Together for Yes and Yes Equality (the referendum campaigns to legalise abortion and same sex marriage in Ireland) and The John Locke Institute, an independent educational organisation designed to promote the ideas of freedom of speech, critical thinking, and classical liberalism among school aged children. Having been an active debater during her time at University College Dublin she represented Ireland in both the European and World University Debating Championships.

Favourite figures of liberty: Murray Rothbard, John Stuart Mill, Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson, and Deirdre McCloske

On Students For Liberty: ‘Students for Liberty’s “big tent” approach to the liberty movement is a beacon of light in an increasingly polarised world. It is such a joy to work with an organisation that is on the cutting edge of the needs of the liberty movement globally, while including voices from across the liberty spectrum. ’

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