Local Coordinator Program

Fakiha Johar


Fakiha Johar is a recent graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia and has joined the South Asia Students For Liberty as the Programs intern. She got involved with Students For Liberty as a local coordinator in 2020, and through the years, she has been managing local and national coordinators and overseeing the smooth functioning of SFL operations across India. She often finds herself reading human psychology, behavior, and consciousness and has been influenced by the idea of the psychology of judgment, which is fundamental to large parts of cognitive and social psychology. Fakiha believes in living life in a way that respects the freedom of  others. She likes meeting new people and listening to their stories. Her passion in life is to help advise people out of difficult situations and standing up to help the world be a better place

Favorite figures in Liberty : Daniel Kahneman, George Orwell

On Students for Liberty: “Here, at SFL, you celebrate individuality”

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