Local Coordinator Program

Dyuti Pandya

Bio: Dyuti Pandya is presently the new South Asia programs intern, where she will closely work on projects involving the Alumni, academics, communication and leadership tracks. She got involved with South Asia Students for Liberty in 2018, and served as one of the local coordinators for the Mumbai team before moving on to the advanced leadership team to serve as the regional academics coordinator. Here is where she undertook the Bastiat Scrolls project wherein she works with SA leaders on publishing witty writings. Over the years, she has focused on the academic side of South Asia, and ensured its smooth functioning and continues to instill liberal values and dialogue across the SA borders. 

In 2021, she had the opportunity to get selected as one of the Prometheus fellows, she is humbled to be part of a cohort that works on advancing the values of liberty required for a society’s functioning. 

Besides the SASFL and SFL road, she is presently completing her masters in international trade law and adjacently pursuing a masters in public administration in India. She holds a dual bachelors of legal sciences and law. She hopes to further expand her knowledge along the lines of trade policies, and global affairs. 

Favorite figures in Liberty: Rose Wilder Lane, Fredrick Bastiat and Karl Popper

On Students for Liberty: Joining SFL has expanded her knowledge on the importance of free institutions, markets and allowed herself to manifest a libertarian change in the society. 

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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