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Hoang Kim Thuc

Hoang Kim Thuc

Asia-Pacific Advanced Leadership Team Member

Hoang Kim Thuc works as a research assistant at the Market Solutions Research Center for Economic and Social Issues. After two years actively engaged in pro-market activities, he has cultivated a firm belief in the power of voluntary exchange, limited government, and individual liberty as the principles of a free and prosperous society. His research interests include Austrian economics, (New) Institutional Economics, and Public Choice. He now also serves as the executive member of F-Group Vietnam, a non-profit organization in Vietnam dedicated to the ideas of classical liberalism/libertarianism, and Asia-Pacific local coordinator for Students for Liberty. In summer 2018, he accomplished the Asia Institute for Political Economy co-organized by The Fund for American Studies, George Mason University, and the University of Hong Kong, with a scholarship granted by The Fund for American Studies.

Favourite figure: F.A Hayek, Ludwig von Mises

Favourite Books about Liberty: The counter-revolution in science, Law, Legislation, and Liberty, Human action

On Liberty: Liberty is the most important political value that everyone should embrace, regardless of their origins, colors, or levels of education. The fight for freedom is not just an intellectual deed, it also requires the heart and courage necessary to realize its goal.

On SFL: SFL is the hub for young leaders passionate about the ideas of liberty around the world to keep in touch, support, and motivate each other. To be sure, joining SFL is one of the most life-changing decisions to me.