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Christopher Dekker

Christopher Dekker

Asia-Pacific Advanced Leadership Team Member

Short Bio: Chris Dekker is a Law and Economics student at QUT in Brisbane, Australia. He joined the Students for Liberty team in April 2019 as a Local Coordinator and is driven to communicate the ideas of liberty and freedom to a wider audience. A firm skeptic of government, Chris believes that innovation and cultural progress is best achieved through the free grouping of individuals. Key areas of research he’s most interested in include behavioural economics, theories of justice and drug law reform.

Favourite figure: Emma Goldman, Robert Nozick, John Locke, Bruce Smith, George Reid, Thomas Jefferson

Favourite Books about Liberty: Liberty and Liberalism – Bruce Smith; Robert Nozick – Anarchy, State and Utopia; Free to Choose – Milton Friedman

On Liberty: I care about liberty because I believe people, regardless of their traits, deserve the freedom to do as they wish their body, say what they like, and pay for things they want. Greater government intervention into our lives has created more wars, more slavery and more genocide. To me, the philosophy of liberty is one of love. There is great hypocrisy in letting the government dictate how to love your fellow humans, when they have been the biggest killers, thieves and slave masters throughout history.
It must be noted that without the government taking responsibility for how you live your life, a greater emphasis on personal responsibility is necessary. A society where people care about what happens around them is a society I want to live in.

On SFL: SFL gives me the opportunity to spread the ideas of liberty to fellow young Australians and give an alternative perspective of many of the social wrongs that occur today. I think many of us have our heart in the right place, but we simply need to learn how to solve issues without the bondage of government. SFL has given me access to resources that allow me to communicate these ideals much better than I could have alone. I don’t expect to turn others into full-fledged libertarians through what I do; I simply want to emphasise the good that mankind can do through philanthropy and the free ventures of private individuals.