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Camilo Bello

Camilo Bello

Asia-Pacific Advanced Leadership Team Member

Short Bio: Camilo is a Colombian with studies in Law and experience in strategic management. He has always defended political projects philosophically founded in the promotion of freedom and that encourage economic growth, especially for small businesses. He is convinced that the best equation for the good to be successful is the union between free thought, technology, friendship, and cultural and linguistic diversity. Currently, he’s focused on promoting liberty and self-determination ideas in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Favourite figure: Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises, Alexis Tocqueville, and Edmund Burke

Favourite Books about Liberty: Democracy in America – Alexis Tocqueville; Human Action – Ludwig Von Mises; Road to Serfdom – Friedrich Hayek

On Liberty: I joined Students for Liberty because I believe liberty is indivisible and must be defended as a whole, and SFL was the only platform in which I felt I could do that. In addition, because SFL is the only place where you can work with young and smart people towards a freer future.

On SFL: I care about because it is the main tool so that each person can build their life. To me, Libertarian values ​​seem reasonable for life as an Individual and as a society.