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Tanaka Admire Ndongera

Tanaka Admire Ndongera

National Coordinator, Zimbabwe

Bio: Tanaka Admire Ndongera is passionate about youth, leadership, peace, liberty, and development. Tanaka was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. Currently, he is a third-year student studying towards a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Peace and Governance with the Bindura University of Science Education. He holds an Executive Certificate in program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation with the University of Zimbabwe. He once worked with Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) organization as a Resource Centre Minder. Additionally, he also is the Co-founder of Zimbabwe Youth Champions for Agenda 2063 (ZYCA2063), and is currently the National Coordinator with African Students for Liberty (ASFL) in Zimbabwe and has been advocating and advancing for free markets economies, individual liberty and free society towards a freer future.

As a National Coordinator, he makes sure he work closely with Local Coordinator to spread the ideas of Liberty in Zimbabwe towards a Freer Future. As an advocate, Tanaka engages with young men and women in addressing the problems they face with the economic practices that hinder youth from reaching their full potential in business. And in that regard, he plans, organizes, and coordinates seminars, conferences, and symposiums on leadership, peace, liberty, entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe. He has gained greater knowledge and experience within the field of peace, liberty, governance, and entrepreneurship. Tanaka is also a member of Zimbabwe Young Ambassadors which works towards capacitating young people with a variety of knowledge and exchange through diplomacy. In his free time, Tanaka enjoys researching and socializing, reading, traveling, watching football.

Favorite figures in liberty: George Ayittey, Eamonn Butler, Norman Barry, and Kembo Mohadi.