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Oscar Bua Denis

Oscar Bua Denis

National Coordinator, Uganda

Bio: Oscar Bua Denis is a finalist pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Kyambogo in Kampala, Uganda. He is passionate about social change and youth participation in leadership and Governance. He is a youth advocate and has since participated in various youth activities and projects to see the youth develop into responsible and self-sustained citizens. Denis has served in various leadership positions namely, Head of the health department at High school level, Deputy finance Minister at the campus in one of the students political organizations, Deputy Community Director at JCI Organization Uganda chapter. He became a local Coordinator after attending the SFL National Leaders Forum in 2019 at Makerere University and has now advanced to being the National Coordinator ASFL Uganda 2020/21. The Classical liberalism advocate currently helps spread the ideas of liberty in Africa particularly in Uganda and is bringing on board a great number of young people to join in.

Favorite figures in liberty:George Ayittey, F.A Hayek, Linda Kavuka, Magatte Wade, Antony Fisher.

On Students For Liberty: SFL is one in a million and a great platform for the young people to define not only their purposes but also contribute positively to their societies, countries and continents at large. I have grown into a more experienced, responsible and appealing leader from the time I came to consent with the classical liberalism ideas. I believe they are the key to unlocking Africa’s hidden potential and success. I love what SFL does and I love how I have changed with SFL. SFL is definitely a platform for Effecting and building my leadership skills and advocating for the real world solutions.

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