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Edam Shem

Edam Shem

Regional Coordinator, Uganda and Sudan

Bio: Edam is an educator and an agent of change in Kisumu, Kenya, the Founder of Tabasamu Kenya, a CBO in Kisumu that exists to address the neglect of Senior citizens through researching and developing the first senior citizens program in Kisumu where youths can regularly volunteer to enhance the quality of their lives in the society with the aim of strengthening and building on their capacities to enable them be able to cope with their daily life experiences.

He has worked with Enterprise Education-4- Change as a Business Development and Training Officer, and volunteered at Lutheran Non Formal School, Kaloleni Adult learning center, joined Gretta Adult Learning Center as a teacher and Asst. Project Coordinator and USAID Kenya.

He has previously had the honour of serving as the Eastern African Regional Coordinator for Events, National Coordinator of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia at African Students For Liberty. He is passionate about leadership and a world where people can tolerate each others’ decisions, cultures and ways of life.

Favorite figures in liberty: Ayn Rand, Tom G. Palmer, Prof. George Ayyitte, Frederic Bastiat

On Students For Liberty: Starting as a Local Coordinator at Kisii University Kenya, my liberty story has been about accepting myself for who I am and the people around me for the choices they make. My dream is to see a nation, continent and globe whose citizens accept each other’s choices without prejudice.