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Dotun Famoriyo

Dotun Famoriyo

Regional Coordinator, (Gambia and Senegal)

Bio: Dotun Famoriyo hails from Ile-Ife, Osun state, the university town in South West, Nigeria, He is a Nigerian writer and works in virtually all the genres of Literature. He has experience in community building and self-building where he is committed to motivating his peers and little ones. He volunteers for organizations who show interest in personal development and economic growth. He is the author of a teen’s literature titled “Better Tomorrow” (a play, which focuses on advising the little ones that Distinction is the product of Devotion). He bagged B. Agric honours of Plant Physiology and Crop Production from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. He is interested in the freedom of Africa, an advocate of liberty and he currently serves as Regional Coordinator for African Students For Liberty.

Favorite figures in liberty: George Ayittey, Tom G Palmer and Magatte Wade

On Students For Liberty: SFL is the place to be, a place to flip the next stage of peace, love and Liberty without hassle and a grooming place for intellectuals in the pursuit of a freer future.