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Chike Donald Ibewuike

Chike Donald Ibewuike

National Coordinator, SFL Nigeria

Bio: Chike Donald Ibewuike: Chike Donald Ibewuike is a visionary, and driven individual with an innate desire to create systems that would enable mankind live to its fullest. This drive is what has found him working and training with various not-for-profits like Students For Liberty, the Atlas Network, Foundation for Economic Education, Guardians of the Nation International, etc.

In 2018, he begun the Cleaner FUTO Initiative, a community development project staged in his University that was geared towards creating a cleaner environment through volunteer action and crowd sourcing rather than waiting for bureaucratic intervention.

He has also bagged various writing accomplishments like, winner of the Love Does Not Win Elections Book Campus Essay Prize, Best Libertarian Article January to February 2017 on the African Students For Liberty website, and certified scriptwriter by the Africa International Film Festival (2018).

He is currently the National Coordinator, SFL Nigeria.

Favorite figures in liberty:Lawrence Reed, George Ayitteh, Tom Palmer, David Boaz

On Students For Liberty: Since joining SFL in 2016, it has been a fundamental part of my personal growth. Students For Liberty is about building leaders of liberty, and for me, building leaders has become my life’s mission. Beyond being introduced to the ideas of individual liberty, free markets, and limited governments, SFL has given me the platform to develop myself, and furthermore, help other leaders develop. Summarily, SFL is a success launch pad for young leaders of all career builds aspiring to create a freer future.