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Abdullah Bility

Abdullah Bility

National Coordinator, Liberia

Bio: A Liberian youth and Civil Liberties activist. LC-SFL Student of the United Methodist University. Founder/Executive Director of Peace Agents Network (PAN), and Provost of Global Institute of Peace, Justice, and Liberty (GIPJAL). I was born as a refugee, and grew up in the fear of darkness, in a war-torn country, where getting a stripe of the tablet was a major achievement for my family. I was born in a refugee camp, in the Ivory Coast, and returned to Liberia at age two. I grew up in a displaced and remote environment, in poverty, where for over eight years, I lived with my family on one meal a day or two at most. In my entire childhood, I grew up surviving from diseases and abduction, witnessing many horrors of crimes and brutalities exhibited with strength upon the innocent and poor people in the darkness of death and fear. I am driven to do what I am doing today in my own reality, my childhood, my suffering, my life I lived.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:Friedrich A. Hayek, Dr. George B.N Ayittey, Uzochukwu Izuazu-Gerry, Linda Kavuka

On Students For Liberty: Students For Liberty is the way of life. It connects youth, Students, and Professionals from all nationalities in creating a freer and an equal world.