Women For Liberty

Registration for the third annual Women For Liberty Leadership Summit is now open! Click here for more details.

Women For Liberty was established at the 2012 International Students For Liberty Conference to help empower women to take on more leadership positions in SFL and in the broader liberty movement as a whole. The inaugural Women For Liberty Luncheon at the ISFLC was a huge hit, with 30 dedicated libertarian women in attendance. Following that success, the Annual WFL Leadership Summit was born. Each year the June summit is filled with workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities focusing on women’s issues in the liberty movement and strategies for overcoming them.

2012 WFL Luncheon

Our first summit attracted over 30 women and featured keynotes Megan McCardle of The Atlantic and Marty Zupan, President of the Institute for Humane Studies.

In 2013, the summit grew in size as we increased total attendance to over 40 women. There we had insightful speakers like Katherine Mangu-Ward, Veronique de Rugy & Carrie Conko, among others, share their expereinces working in high leadership positions within the liberty movement.

The third annual WFL Summit took place on June 28, 2014 for 30 attendees and hosted speakers such as Catherine Sevcenko, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Shikha Dalmia.The next WFL summit will take place in the summer of 2015. Check back soon for more details!

2014 WFL Summit

In addition to our summer summits, each year’s International Students For Liberty Conference features at least one Women For Liberty session.

In 2013, SFL held a panel on the lack of libertarian women moderated by Kennedy, which was covered by Forbes.  In 2014, SFL organized a panel of student leaders for libertarian women to discuss and overcome female-specific challenges which was also a huge hit. Stay tuned to find out what WFL will be doing for the 2015 ISFLC!

In 2014, Women For Liberty went international! African Students For Liberty hosted two seminars for women, one in Nigeria and the other in Kenya. “Women for Liberty, Leadership and Empowerment” was held in Ibadan, Nigeria and the main objective of the seminar was to stimulate women’s interest to take leadership positions in African countries. They had over 15 participants, both men and women! The main objective was to inspire and challenge young ladies to be the change they want to see in society and to empower one another. The WFL Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya attracted over 50 participants.

2014 WFL Seminar in Nigeria

South Asian SFL also hosted the event “Women Empowerment Starts with Women Liberty” in a rural community in Nepal to help female entrepreneurs invest in their futures, achieve economic independence, and fight social pressures against women. They had over 36 attendees and many remarkable speakers. The goal of the seminar was to inspire women to fight for their economic, individual freedom, and equality in society.

Please contact Greta Kasatkina at gkasatkina@studentsforliberty.org for more information on Women For Liberty and ways you can get involved.

Registration for the third annual Women For Liberty Leadership Summit is now open! Click here for more details.