Why Liberty

While many of our other books focus on specific areas, Why Liberty is broad and multidisciplinary introduction to the ideas of liberty. It will focus not just on political theory but also on liberty through the lens of culture, entrepreneurship, health, art, technology, philosophy, and the transformative power of freedom. Edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, the book will feature articles from experts in the fields of policy, academia, business, media, and student organizing. This new collection will emphasize students talking to students, showing that freedom is not an old antiquated idea, but a dynamic and liberating force with the power to change the world. It is time for young people to stand up and say “this is what we believe in”. The table of contents:

  1. Why Be Libertarian, by Tom Palmer
  2. There Ought NOT to Be a Law, by John Stossel
  3. Libertarianism as Radical Centrism, by Clark Ruper
  4. The History and Structure of Libertarian Thought, by Tom Palmer
  5. “The Times, They Are A-Changin’”: Libertarianism as Abolitionism, by James Padilioni, Jr.
  6. The Political Principle of Liberty, by Alexander McCobin
  7. No Liberty, No Art: No Art, No Liberty, by Sarah Skwire
  8. The Humble Case for Liberty, by Aaron Ross Powell
  9. Africa’s Promise of Liberty, by Olumayowa Okediran
  10. The Tangled Dynamics of State Interventionism: The Case of Health Care, by Sloane Frost
  11. How Do You Know? Knowledge and the Presumption of Liberty, by Lode Cossaer and Maarten Wegge
  12. The Origins of State and Government, by Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer explains just how vital a collection like Why Liberty is to the libertarian library, and previews some of these amazing contributors in this Atlas Network video:

We’ve also released the full manuscript as a FREE .pdf. Download it below!

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