Visibility Campaign

When you walk down the main avenues of a college campus, you see flyers for all kinds of events and issues. Sometimes it’s an upcoming performance of one of a dozen glee clubs. Sometimes it’s a petition for animal rights. And sometimes it’s a call for socialist revolution. Rarely are these ever a defense of liberty.

Students For Liberty is here to change that. We’re releasing new downloadable flyers every week geared toward increasing the visibility of liberty on campus. What’s more, we want to give money to student groups for printing them to make it easier for every libertarian student group to shake up the campus activities scene for liberty.

This week’s flyer emphasizes the inefficiency (not to mention the negative humanitarian consequences) of unilateral trade sanctions that are continually implemented in foreign policy. They’ve been used as a diplomatic tool over and over and over in international relations throughout recent history despite the disastrous effects caused time and time again. Even centuries ago, Bastiat hit the nail on the head with his classic statement: “When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will”.

Like the look? Want to encourage more conversation about the topic? Download the flyer here to customize and print your own! Don’t have free printing at school? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and, if approved, we’ll reimburse up to $25 in printing costs per week!

Check out our other flyer topics for Fall 2012! Coming soon:

  • Free Speech
  • Civil Liberties
  • Capitalism and Peace
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Immigration
  • Problems with Welfare
  • International Trade
  • Free-Market Environmentalism
  • Exposing “Trendy” Dictators
  • Victim-less Crime Incarceration

Help us get the message of liberty even more visible than our opponents by participating in this new project. There are two ways to get on board:

  1. Many colleges offer free printing to students. Click here to download this week’s featured flyer, customize it with a text box advertising your next club meeting, print them off and then take over the flyer scene of your campus!
  2. Don’t have free printing? We’ve got you covered. Apply for funding below! If approved, we will coordinate with you to reimburse the cost of printing the flyers.


Check out our past flyers below!


This flyer draws attention to the violations of liberty authorized by the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (“Patriot Act,” for short). It was passed in the wake of 9/11 to broaden the ability of the US government to confiscate information or property and use further-reaching surveillance tactics on individuals in the USA. The act has drastically increased the power of the government to violate the civil liberties of citizens at their discretion. Download the flyer here.


The Nanny State might sound safe and comforting, but students often don’t suspect that behind the promises of security lurks a monstrous flawed political system that feeds on the liberties of us all. This week’s flyer focuses on the need for students to look behind the surface level comforts promised by The Nanny State to the cost we are all forced to pay via limitations and controls over our individual economic and social freedoms. Download and customize this here.


While there is no shortage of reasons that most students are against the drug war, our first drug war flyer gets other students to contemplate a key question: “If there is no victim, has a crime been committed?” Download and customize this flyer here


The flyer for week two alerted students to the new movie, Atlas Shrugged Part II.

In the novel Atlas Shrugged, the phrase “who is John Galt” appears in graffiti all over the country. The phrase strikes at the soul and creates intrigue for the reader. What better way to get your fellow students excited about the movie than to plaster the campus with this iconic phrase. We have partnered with the creators of Atlas Shrugged Part II to provide “Who is John Galt” flyers and promotional materials to student groups.

These promotional kits include flyers, t-shirts, post cards, and other promotional items. To request your free kit, fill out the form at www.AtlasActionKit.com. 


Our first flier draws attention to the problems caused by government interference in the market through agricultural subsidies. Download and customize this flyer by clicking here.