Spring 2013 Tabling Kits

Order your spring tabling kit today! Click HERE! 

Our tabling kits provide a variety of resources to attract new group members and reach a broader audience on campus. We realize that students are a diverse group, and something that attracts one type of person to liberty may not work on another type, which is why we provide resources from a large assortment of pro-liberty organizations within the liberty movement. Many of these resources are made available by generous donations from our partner organizations including Young Americans for Liberty, Reason, The Cato Institute, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the Foundation for Economic Education.

Along with the kits, SFL now has an online handbook on successful tabling, covering best practices for student groups tabling on their campus. We strongly encourage participants in the program to check out this handbook!

Resources are subject to availability but generally include:

If you have any questions contact SFL Program Associate, Jennifer Jones, at jjones@studentsforliberty.org.