SFL’s New Website

Welcome to Students For Liberty’s new website! Our website is a critical tool for our mission of supporting pro-liberty student groups and one of the most frequent mediums through which we interact with students all over the world. This wasn’t just an aesthetic improvement (though it does look a lot prettier now!). This new site includes many new features that will make it easier for students and alumni to find each other, request resources, learn about upcoming events, register for conferences, and become leaders for liberty.

User Profiles

The key to this website is the new User Profile feature. Now you can sign up on this site and simplify the process of joining groups, requesting resources, registering for events, and much more. You can publicly list yourself as a member of a group (only if you want to) and find other groups in your area.

More importantly, you can save your information in SFL’s database to auto-populate various forms instead of having to fill out the same information over and over again like on the old website!  By creating a User Profile, you can save your university, address, and other information we need to register you for a conference, apply for a leadership program, request a resource, or do any number of activities.

Here are a few easy steps to get started:

  1. Create a User Profile
  2. Join a Group: Search through our SFL Network to find the student group you belong to then click “join group”. You will then be prompted to indicate whether you want this information to be public or not.
  3. Start requesting resources and registering for events.

Students For Liberty is now organizing so many events world wide that we built a calendar to help you find events in your area. The calendar lists all SFL events and important dates including conferences, webinars, application deadlines, leadership forums, and more!

The SFL Network

At its core, Students For Liberty is a network of pro-liberty student all over the world made up of over 780 groups spanning all six continents. Now we have reorganized our Group List to make it easier for students and alumni to find each other.

On the SFL Network page you can search for student groups by state, country, or group name.  If your group is not listed yet as part of the network, you can add it by filling out this form. If you do not have a group on your campus yet, visit the Start a Student Group page to sign up and find resources and guides for building a group of your own.

Resource Requests

Requesting resources from SFL is now easier than ever. We are moving away from using separate forms such as Survey Monkey and Form Assembly and towards having all the forms hosted right here on our own site (some forms carried over from the old site such as requests for After the Welfare State are still on the old system).

To request resources, you must first make a profile on the site. Then you will be able to log in and quickly fill out a request form. We will then be able to track all the resources you have requested and get them into your hands faster than ever. This is to prevent duplicate entries in our database and ensure we are sending the right resources to the right people.

Click here for a list of resources available.

Registering for Events

The process of signing up for events has been radically simplified. Gone are the days of going to separate websites to register for conferences.  All the registration and payment forms will be hosted right here on this site.

Similar to resources, you first must create a user profile. Once that is done you will be able to register for Regional Conferences, leadership forums, and even the International Conference when the time comes. Search our calendar to find events coming up near you.