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Students For Liberty is looking for project proposals that advance SFL’s mission to create a freer future. SFL has always been open to new project ideas and now we’ve created a formal channel to propose new ideas for. There are no guidelines for what type of projects we’re looking for, as long as they’re aligned with SFL’s mission, and include the necessary information listed below. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to support you project, if selected, you’ll have ownership over your project and be able to see it through to completion. Submit your proposal today!

Proposal Expectations:
To propose a project, please submit your idea through this form. In addition to your contact information, you must also submit a summary of your proposal in 1500 characters or less (about 200 words) and a full proposal (see below) which you must upload as a Word document or PDF. Please note that due to the large number of proposals, we will not be able to respond to all proposals. Incomplete proposals may not be considered and we may not follow up to solicit the missing elements of a proposal.
All proposals must include the following:

  • Background: explain the problem you’re trying to solve or the void that you’re trying to fill.
  • Concept: explain your project idea and how it advances SFL’s mission of a freer future.
  • Benefits & Concerns: analyze your proposal.

-What are the major benefits of your proposal? Benefits would be something like low cost, easy to implement, already have proof of concept, etc. rather than “will address a problem.”

-What are the major concerns associated with your proposal? Examples of concerns would be insufficient demand for the project/program, high costs, etc.

  • Budget: what costs, if any, are associated with your proposal? If your proposal requires funding, you must provide, as accurately as you can, a detailed and itemized budget.

-An example of a poor budget is: supplies – $400.

-An example of a good budget is: venue reservation – $200, lunch for participants – $10/person x 50 participants = $500 total, etc.

-The more detailed and realistic your budget is, the more likely your project is to be considered for support.

  • Timeline: what is the timeline going forward if your project is approved? How soon will you start working and how long will it take to have a final product?
  • Plan of action: how will you make your proposal an actual project or program? What steps will you take and in what order? Note that depending on your project, the timeline may be incorporated into the plan of action.
  • Benchmarks: if your proposal is chosen for support from SFL, what measures will you use to determine if it was successful? Examples of possible measures of success include the number of participants, survey/feedback information, etc.

Students For Liberty Project Proposals

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