Objectivist Resources

If you’re interested in the ideas of Objectivism, check out the pointers below to take your activism to the next level:

Start an Objectivist Student Group

  1. Read SFL’s new How to Start an Objectivist Student Group (pdf)
  2. Fill out the Start a Group Form here
  3. Reach out to your local SFL leader to receive support (note: if you fill out the Start a Group form, we will reach out to you)
  4. Explore other Objectivist resources from SFL (items listed below)
  5. Run Objectivist events on campus (recommendations listed below)

Objectivist Events on Campus

Need events for your Objectivist group to run or looking for events your pro-liberty group can host to learn more about Objectivism?

  1. Invite a speaker
  2. Movie Nights – Several of Ayn Rand’s novels have been turned into movies (e.g. Atlas Shrugged Part I, The Fountainhead and We the Living). In addition, there are many movies that draw upon Objectivism as an inspiration or at least seem to do so (e.g. Antz, Rocky, and even The Dark Knight Rises are a few examples, but consider other movies that seemed to have Objectivist themes to you). Bring a group of students together to watch a movie and discuss the Objectivist themes and implications of the movie.
  3. Activist Events – Express your support for Objectivism or the Objectivist lesson for particular issues by holding an activism event on campus that raises awareness of the issue (e.g. “Are we living out Atlas Shrugged?”, Capitalism v. Socialism Debates, celebrate the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.).
  4. Internal Debates – Host debates within your club on topics related to Objectivism to encourage discussion and critical reflection amongst members regarding the meaning and implications of Objectivism (e.g. what the Objectivist solution to America’s involvement in the Middle East, what the importance of a term like “selfishness” is to Objectivism, etc.).
  5. Organize a Reading Group – See next section.

Discussion Groups

One of the most effective (and easiest) ways of educating people about the philosophy of Objectivism is to read and discuss Objectivist materials. Over the course of the 2012-2013 school year, SFL and The Atlas Society will produce reading group curricula specifically for students to utilize on campus. Right now, two semester-long curricula and 5 individual session curricula are available:

  1. Semester-Long Reading Groups, e.g. “Introduction to Objectivism” – In this semester-long curriculum, designed to meet every other week for a total of 6 sessions, recommended readings are presented for all group participants to read before each session, and a list of sample questions are provided for each session to spark discussion on the meaning and intricacies of the reading.
  2. Single Session Reading Discussion, e.g. “Introduction to ‘The Objectivist Ethics'” – Don’t have the time to put together a reading group for the entire semester? Hold a single discussion session where everyone reads one article and meets for an hour to discuss its meaning. For example, in one curriculum, recommended questions and issues are provided for participants to discuss Rand’s article, “The Objectivist Ethics”.

Visit the TAS webpage on SFL Resources to access these curricula and more as they are released: atlassociety.org/sfl.

Resources and Opportunities

  1.  SFL Regional Conferences and the International SFL Conference will feature Objectivist speakers and organizations tabling throughout who want to provide resources and opportunities for students they meet there
  2. Commentary by Objectivists at The Atlas Society
  3. Free Objectivist Books
  4. Webinars on Objectivism
  5. The Undercurrent, a national Objectivist student newspaper available both online and in-print
  6. The Atlas Society Atlas Summit (student scholarships available)
  7. The Atlas Society Graduate Seminar (student scholarships available)
  8. Ayn Rand Essay Contests
  9. Objectivist Summer Conference


Tell us what your doing! If you art part of an Objectivist group, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know about your activities or about any questions you have by contacting SFL’s North American Leadership Programs Manager, Monica Lucas at mlucas@studentsforliberty.org.