Zak Slayback

Executive Board

University of Pennsylvania


Bio: Zachary T. Slayback is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, where he studies Philosophy. He has formerly worked as a Campus Coordinator for SFL, an intern with The Institute for Humane Studies, educational outreach director and Harlan High School Fellow for The Harlan Institute, and currently manages SFL’s North American academic programs. His research interests lie in classical liberalism and Kantian political philosophy, moral psychology, and the intersection of public choice theory and public reason.

Favorite figures in liberty: David Hume, F. A. Hayek, Immanuel Kant, David Schmidtz, John Tomasi, John Rawls, Robert Nozick, James Buchanan & Gordon Tullock

On Students For Liberty: “No political theory or philosophy is perfect, and oftentimes the state is viewed as a benign tool of the people to solve collective action problems and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, just like the market, the state is prone to failures of its own. Even more unfortunately, these failures oftentimes empower incompetent or malicious leaders to drastically decrease the quality of life for their subjects. Working to promote positive social change independent of the state can be an effective tool in circumventing these problems. SFL promotes that positive social change in real and tangible ways.”