Tony Cotzias

Campus Coordinator

University of Pennsylvania


Bio: Tony will be starting his sophomore year as an international student (Greek) at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). By the end of his first year, he managed to revive the Penn Libertarian Association (which has now been renamed Penn For Liberty), for which attending ISFLC 2012 proved invaluable. The last two years Liberty has defined every aspect of his life. Recently, his thinking of Liberty has changed radically: instead of narrowing his thinking down to the institution of the marketplace, he adopted a broader perspective, that of voluntaryism anti-fascism. Disillusioned by electoral politics, this October he became an ambassador for The Seasteading Institute and remains committed to the idea that free associations are the means for our liberation. At the same time, he has come to the realization that Liberty is a very broad and complex concept which demands much more thorough research (especially within the postmodern tradition) and for which we would be fighting even within a libertarian society.

Favorite figures in liberty: Albert Camus, Roderick Long, Michel Foucault, Friedrich Nietzsche

On Students For Liberty: As part of the Campus Coordinator program, my primary aim will be to focus on altering people’s misconceptions of the libertarian movement (especially the SFL brand) by stressing the element of voluntaryism (instead of mandatory capitalism) and our prioritarian concerns (as opposed to any variant of vulgar libertarianism). I believe that this is the most effective way of laying the foundations for a massive future growth of the libertarian movement (specifically in the Philadelphia area).