Tom VanAntwerp

Alumni For Liberty Board

University of North Carolina


Bio: Tom’s interest in liberty began during the Ron Paul presidential campaign of 2008. During this time, he began to voraciously consume texts on economics and libertarianism. He was recommended by a UNC alum to attend an Institute for Humane Studies summer seminar. One summer later, Tom was working for IHS as a an intern. During that summer, he first learned of Students for Liberty and its outstanding work on college campuses. Tom served as chair of the UNC College Libertarians and as a columnist for UNC’s Daily Tar Heel, writing about the virtues of the free market. Since graduating with a BS in Business, Tom has traveled in China, worked in a small start-up, and begun brewing his own beer. Wanting to continue promoting liberty as a graduate, he joined the Alumni for Liberty executive board in the fall of 2010. Tom is Director of IT at the Tax Foundation, and lives with his wife Kit Sze in Arlington, VA.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Frédéric Bastiat, Ron Paul, and all fellow liberty-lovers and friends

On Alumni for Liberty: “Many students across the world believe strongly in liberty, but struggle to even give that belief a name. Too few colleges had groups to find and unite the lovers of liberty, and those that did were often cut off from the resources they need to survive and grow. Students for Liberty has worked hard to change that tragic status quo. In the few short years since I first learned of SFL, I’ve been remarkably impressed by the character of its leadership and the professionalism of its activities. By educating, training and networking with students across the world, liberty may finally have a voice higher education. I’m honored to be a part of Alumni for Liberty and our efforts to keep the fight for liberty going beyond graduation.”