Subhashree Rengarajan

Campus Coordinator

University of California, Berkeley


Bio: Subhashree Rengarajan is a first year undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, with the intent of studying Business Administration. Her competitive civics class in high school was the first class that really exposed her to the ideas of civil liberty, and she has been interested in protecting them ever since. She delivered several mock congressional testimonies in front of lawyers, teachers and professors regarding the freedoms of speech, association and assembly, and religion as well as presentations regarding violations of the fourth amendment. She has been interested in libertarian political philosophy, especially the works of John Locke and John Stuart Mill. While she predominately focused on the social and civil liberty aspects to libertarianism in high school, she has spent the past year learning more about free market economies. As an intended business major, Subhashree has been studying the dangerous problems that regulations impose on corporations and is vehemently opposed to these regulations, as they are the true causes of market failure. She is very excited to serve as a Bay Area Campus Coordinator this year and cannot wait to help spread the ideas of liberty.

Favorite figures in liberty: John Stuart Mill, John Locke, Milton Friedman

On SFL: SFL has a great impact on the campus community at Berkeley, with our campus conventions and rallies. I’m looking forward to expanding our membership base in the Bay Area so that future members can feel as passionate about liberty as all our current members do!