Sierra Baker

Campus Coordinator

Middle Tennessee State University


Bio: Sierra Baker is an undergraduate at Middle Tennessee State University where she is pursuing a BS in Psychology and Sociology with minors in Gender Studies and Political Science. Sierra is very much interested and involved with the social and clinical aspects of psychology and wants to do research in the area of group behaviors. Sierra has had an interest in all things libertarian since middle school and has experience with creating and training groups of young people in the area of productive protest and public speaking. As a junior at MTSU she is dedicated to all things involving liberty and learning. Sierra attended the YAL Tennessee State conference held at MTSU and coordinated with the host to provide healthy food at a low cost for all attendees.

Favorite figures in liberty: Ron Paul, Murray Rothband, Henry Hazlitt, and FA Hayek

On Students For Liberty: As a Campus Coordinator I look forward to being a part of the process of building an even stronger and more welcoming liberty presence on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, Belmont, and other universities in my region. Sierra is very excited to have the opportunity to help expand the movement for freedom in the southeast.