Sarah Harvard

Campus Coordinator

American University


Bio: Sarah Harvard is an undergraduate at the American University pursuing a BA in Political Science and Pre-Medicine with a minor in Peace and Conflict Analysis. Sarah previously majored in Government and International Politics at George Mason University where she was a varsity swimmer and Student Government Senator. Sarah takes interest in the fields of sociology, history, economics, religious studies, and international relations as decision making and passion fueling measures in the ambit of Libertarian intellectual theory. As a freshman at Mason, Sarah took the lead and co-founded the Youth for Ron Paul charter on campus; the YFP charter’s efforts helped Ron Paul win the Mason precinct of the GOP Primaries. Her contribution does not stop there – Sarah wrote-eds and articles while interning for the Chicago Tribune, authored passed legislation for a task force in hopes of a lenient Drug Policy at Mason, and has interned for Campaign for Liberty. Sarah finds that she is interested in economics and foreign policy, and believes that they often are interdependent with one another when it comes to shaping America’s future. Sarah has lived her life by one quote: “Everyone thinks to change the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.” – Leo Tolstoy
Favorite figures in liberty: Ron Paul, Voltaire, Chalmers Johnson, John Locke, Frederic Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, John Stuart Mill, Murray Rothbard, and Robert Nozick.
On Students For Liberty: “I have always admired the efforts of Students for Liberty and the members that make the knowledge of liberty omnipresent in society. It is rare to find individuals who not only seek this intellectual philosophy of Libertarianism, but fully understand it. As Campus Coordinator, I am pursuing the same efforts SFL has been successful with in the past. I will take charge in making liberty the universal language of not only the United States, but hopefully, the world. I hope that through my efforts as a CC and the efforts of SFL, individuals all around the world will enjoy partaking in conversations about Rothbard, Johnson, Hayek, Friedman, Paul, and the enlightened quintessence of being born and living free.”