Ross Marchand

Campus Coordinator

University of Maryland, College Park


Bio: Ross Marchand, a native of New Jersey, began his long-time fascination with politics upon seeing a screening of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 at the age of twelve. While initially drawn to socialism, listening to Michael Savage’s radio show lead Ross to embrace Neo-Conservatism during his high school years. His passion for politics, economics, and philosophy lead him to join the Junior Statesmen of America, a debating organization for high schoolers. Upon uncovering the great works of Hayek and Mises, Ross thought twice about his ideological leanings and began to see the virtues of social and economic libertarianism. These feelings were cemented in the beginning of his sophomore year while interning with Freedomworks, a free-market advocacy group. Ross researched and blogged about tax policy, as well as government involvement in the energy sector. In addition, he interned on the Ron Paul presidential campaign in New Hampshire, convincing undecided voters to support the candidate. Ross is currently an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, where he expects to earn his double-major degrees in economics and political science in May of 2014. He has furthered his education through the American Enterprise Summer Institute, and Liberty and Current Issues IHS Seminar.

Favorite figures in Liberty: Ron Paul, Milton Friedman, Isabel Paterson

On Students for Liberty: While many organizations romantically aspire to change the world, there is only one student-run group that runs on a unique, dynamic model of social change. By recognizing that the individual needs to be both the means to a greater future, and an end to himself, Students for Liberty embraces a complete philosophy grounded in our natural rights. The power of voluntary cooperation, along with our burning passion to be set free, fuels the mission of Students for Liberty, and ensures that it will have a bright future.