Ricky Tracy

Alumni For Liberty Board

Seton Hall University


Bio: Richard Tracy held nascent libertarian views as a freshman in college and joined the Seton Hall University Students for Individual Liberty with a few other friends to discuss and learn more about politics. His understanding of liberty matured after reading John Locke’s famous “Treatise on Civil Government,” which lays out a systematic moral foundation for a minimalist, libertarian-style government. He found this convincing and appealing in the way it manifests the ethos of “live and let live” into a coherent moral argument. In 2007, he joined the Executive Board of Students For Liberty and helped plan the first International SFL Conference at Columbia University. He has also attended two week-long summer seminars by the Institute for Humane Studies which were instructive in articulating the benefits of economic freedom. In the summer of 2009, Richard was a full-time volunteer for the Chris Christie campaign for governor, and, as Vice Chairman of the SHU College Republicans, helped lead the club to make 13,000 voter contacts before the election. He is currently a law student at Seton Hall Law pursuing his J.D.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: John Locke, James Madison, Milton Friedman

On Alumni For Liberty: “Just like the business world, we need capital to be more productive. When leaders of student groups spend years developing their club and graduate, they take with them valuable human capital. If they are never reached out to again, students are missing out on valuable experience from those who have gone before them. With Alumni For Liberty, we can help graduates apply what they’ve learned to assist their student counterparts, as well as to continue learning and supporting the liberty movement.”